Needless to say, because of the owners origins, there is always a hint of the Algarve in the food, especially in teh Cataplanas (pork and clams or bacalhau cooked in sealed copper vessels), or massinha de peixe (fish noodles), which is one if the house specialities.
There is also a variety os meat dishes, with the Cabrito Assado à Padeiro (roast kid) stealing the show. One can also choose from the chef's own creations such as steak or bacalhau Quinta do Serrado style, in which traditional produce is seasoned with an unusual touch, the exact ingredients remaining a closely-guarded secret.

Quinta do Serrado provides innovative versions of Portuguese cuisine, with great importance being given to the presentation of the dishes and the ingredients chosen. Even so, there are still the hearty Cozido à Portuguesa (pork and beef cooked with vegetables and sausage), Arroz de Pato (duck rice) and Feijoada (bean stew), complementing the menu on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The variety at Quinta do Serrado is also enriched by a wine list that includes a wide choice. Alongside popular wine labels there are some rarities such as the exquisite Barca Velha.

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